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In The Aftermath


Around eighteen years ago our lives began to change in a rather devastating way – although we as a family did not realise this at that time.

We had been a fairly typical family with three teenagers, and although we’d had our share of dramas over the past few years, there was nothing to indicate the emotional rollercoaster we had just boarded.

The major disruption to our ordinary lives had been the revelation of our childrens’ abuse at the hands of my father.



What They Say

“I am reading your book, what a woman you are. My beautiful son committed suicide 16 years ago, he was 22 years old. My life is empty, he was not on drugs , Unfortunately I do have a daughter who is an addict. The things you talk about Kelly my daughter did. I also have 2 older daughters who are both Div 1’s. I am so sorry for your lose and the pain involved. “


Christine J Howard

Having been raised on a farm in the Western district, following her schooling, Christine spent time working as a cadet nurse in a community hospital.

That experience led her to become a registered nurse after training at Warrnambool Base Hospital. She went on to earn her Diploma of Nursing, and her bachelor of Nursing from Flinders University. Her career spanned 32 years in several hospitals and various modalities.

Throughout her career, Christine continued her health education in a variety of related health fields. She earned a Certificate of Health in Massage Therapy and a Diploma of Health in Remedial Massage Therapy. She has also completed courses in life coaching and hypnotherapy.

Christine is also an accomplished writer. She was a member of Scribes Writers Geelong and has had her short stories published in One For’D Road, a collection of stories which highlighted and celebrated the social life and history of the Ford Motor Company and Geelong people, and Geelong Rendezvous: An Anthology.

Now retired from nursing, Christine enjoys spending time writing. She has travelled throughout China, Hawaii, Kuala Lumpur, Cambodia, New Caledonia and Fiji. While in China, Christine also worked at the Guang An Mien Hospital in Beijing.

She lives in Geelong, Victoria with her husband Ross.




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